Who do we design for?
We have an extensive catalogue, ranging from technical subject mastery, through compliance and regulation and
into leadership development subject matter. 

Developing originally from the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries, we span an array of public, private and 
not for profit industries.
We work with subject matter experts to ensure content is qualitatively correct, current and future proofed.  

Eight features of Zenosis® design

  1. Ease of access and user navigation
  2. Responsive: optimised for any device
  3. Up to date knowledge and thinking
  4. Gamified content where applicable
  5. Bespoke to your learner needs/organisational outcomes
  6. Cost effective
  7. Assessments reinforce learning
  8. Accessibility enabled

Our dedicated site to browse and purchase our pharma and biotech courses can be accessed by clicking on the button below

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