Good Quality Control Laboratory Practice

Course Summary

The medicinal products industry is heavily regulated by governments. Within the industry’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) framework, analytical laboratories engaged in quality control (QC) of starting materials, intermediates, bulk products, finished products, and packaging need to comply with relevant GMP standards. We refer to these as Good Quality Control Laboratory Practice, or GQCLP. Regulatory authorities inspect laboratories to confirm that they meet the standards.
This course explains how to comply with GQCLP, and it provides advice on laboratory work in general.

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Detailed Course Information

Learning Objectives

• Access guidelines and regulations relevant to GQCLP
• Outline the role and elements of a laboratory quality system
• Specify some basic laboratory safety practices
• Identify key types of laboratory document and summarise their contents and relationships
• Outline the management of reference standard substances and reagents
• Specify good practices for data recording and record keeping
• Describe how to handle out-of-specification conditions
• Specify some good housekeeping rules for the laboratory, and outline the role of audits and inspections

Who will benefit from this course

This module provides essential learning for all personnel of analytical laboratories, especially those working on quality control sampling and testing in a medicinal products manufacturing environment.

Module Outline

Definitions, GQCLP principles, Guidelines, regulations and standards, Contributions to quality

Laboratory quality system
The quality system and quality manual, Quality system elements, Important SOPs, Typical sample flow

Basic laboratory safety practices
Hazardous situations, Dangerous chemicals, Material safety data sheets, Basic rules for lab safety

Laboratory documentation
The documentation system, Sampling plans, Test methods, Specifications, Analytical method validation protocols, Standard operating procedures, Change control, Calibration records, Laboratory notebooks

Reference standards and reagents
Pharmacopoeias, Reference standard substances, Management of reference standards, Management of reagents

Record keeping and data recording
Raw vs derived data, Completing laboratory notebooks, ALCOA+, Reviewing records, Summarising records, Integrity of electronic data, Types of electronic data, Record retention and storage

Managing out-of-specification events
OOS event categories, Handling an OOS event, Initial laboratory investigation, Retesting, resampling, and averaging results, Formal management investigation, Documentation and corrective action, Out-of-trend conditions

Housekeeping, inspections and audits
Safety and efficiency, Regulatory inspections, Auditing, Undergoing inspections and audits

Laboratory personnel and management
CPD Points
Undergoing evaluation for 1 CPD point which will be awarded retrospectively on course completion
Course Study Time
Approx 1 hour
Europe, USA, Other

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