Mentally Healthy Workplace

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Work is a huge part of our lives so it’s vital that while we’re working, we’re happy and healthy.
A happy workforce is an efficient and productive one too.

However, there are many people who suffer illnesses believed to be caused or made worse by their work.

This Mentally Healthy Workplace Course will ensure that you know how to maintain good levels of health and wellbeing in your workplace.

By completing this course you will:

Discover what makes a healthy workplace, the benefits of a healthy workplace and how to promote them.
Understand the causes, signs and symptoms of common physical and mental health problems
and how to manage and prevent these.
Improve your management skills and confidence in dealing with mental health and office wellbeing

What is mental health?
Why a mentally healthy workplace is important?
The forms mental health problems can take and how to recognise the signs
Managing a conversation about mental health
Outlining support options
Features of a mentally healthy workplace
Useful resources
Course duration 45 – 55mins including reading referenced materials

Target audience

Line Managers and Supervisors