Are your . Cyber Secure?

What would a Cyber Security failure mean to your operations, sales or reputation?

Unsure? You are not alone
An accurate picture of the ramifications of a cyberattack has been lacking due to the number of variables involved

So it makes sense to prevent any breach……. doesn’t it?

However, a recent survey highlighted these worrying findings

  • 50% of SME’s surveyed think it’s unlikely or very unlikely that they’d be a target for an attack
  • and only 33% feel ‘completely prepared’ for a cyber security breach

Research also discovered that

  • 58% of consumers surveyed said that a breach would discourage them from using a business in the future
  • 86% of procurement departments would consider removing a supplier from their roster due to a cyber breach.

 Using the latest digital tools & technologies, grapl offers a complete Cyber Security solution, including device protection, employee awareness and risk assessment.

device and system security

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About Bitrater X-Ray

BitRater is a new and innovative technology that protects against malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware, hacking and more

BitRater takes full control over any and all processes, which can execute on a computer. Contrary to most security tools, it is designed with extreme efficiency.

How BitRater Works

BitRater assumes that all software is “guilty unless proven innocent” – it will only be allowed to execute if positively evaluated as ‘known good’.

BitRater’s unique approach to total lockdown is achieved  by implementing whitelisting at the Window’s process level, not the application level, thus preventing any hidden malicious process buried within “approved” applications. BitRater will only allow bona fide whitelisted processes for that individual device. Contrary to most security tools, it is designed with extreme efficiency.

Without exception, all the other endpoint protection engines adopt the logic that software is ‘innocent unless proven guilty’ and allow it to execute unless it is ‘known bad’

This simple – BUT IMPORTANT – difference is the reason why BitRater’s approach can prevent ‘zero day’ events happening since ALL malware is prevented from executing if it lacks express consent based on positive identification or vetting.

Every time BitRater X-Ray sees an unknown process, this process is automatically uploaded to the BitRater Cloud Service where it gets analysed by over 50 anti-malware engines, compared to extensive databases of benign and malicious processes and finally analysed by BitRater’s advanced tools.

Where the process is known or suspected to be malicious, it is automatically and immediately blocked from executing on that computer PLUS all other computers in the enterprise that are connected to the BitRater Cloud Service. This all happens immediately and is fully automated.

What are the business benefits of using BitRater?

  • Enhance the organisations approach to data privacy by removing the risks associated with unauthorised applications, including privileged users (Managing Shadow IT) attacking via the enterprise endpoints.
  • Improve compliance and threat audits to see when, where and how breaches were attempted to be exploited.
  • “DEFCON” Compliant – If your organization is under attack – or if you suspect it is – no need to panic or shut down the entire network. BitRater is already preventing execution of malicious files within your network.