Introducing our Cyber Resilience Managed Service

Phishing Detection, User Resilience and Response

●Engender a culture of Phishing resilience through an ongoing cycle of:
assessing – testing – training 
grapl delivers a two-factor approach to protecting companies from phishing attacks.

Data Discovery, Classification and Management

●Discover all structured and unstructured data
●Classify, organise, manage sensitive data
●Reduce exposure to risk, avoid data breaches, achieve and
prove compliance to all major frameworks.

Vulnerability Management

●Discover vulnerabilities across all internal, external and roaming IP assets.
●Enable daily dynamic scans.
●Prioritise, automate and orchestrate the remediation of vulnerabilities.

Intrusion Detection and Response

●Intelligently analyse user-behaviour and network traffic anomalies.
●Cut through the noise of security incidents and events to bring real threats to the surface.
●Respond to and mitigate threats via the Progress SOC.

Engaging the Last Line of Defence - People

Supports the Security and IT Groups

  • Providing deep metrics and reporting options
  • Speed and efficiency in phishing incident response
  • Understand and process threat campaigns through clustering
  • Create playbooks to automate incident response actions
  • Quickly indenting and quantify risk
  • Maintain high reporting engagement through automated user report feedback 

Supports Capability of Employees

  • Engaged staff = Increase in Resilience
  • Provide a simple quick click method for users to report suspicious emails
  • Client agnostic – Desktop Web and Mobile
  • Promote high reporting engagement and augment phishing awareness by delivering feedback to users during simulations
  • Enable enhanced metrics for phishing awareness programme effectiveness
  • Consistent reporting format
  • Reporting simulations suppressed to avoid SOC distractions

Phishing Response Capabilities

Response Best Practice