Retail Essentials

In this short module you will learn how retailers purchase their products and how these products are marketed, the roles and responsibilities of a buying and merchandising team, the strategies used. Also, learn about the advantages of “own label” products and how store planning will maximise your sales. Finally, you will learn about the profit and loss statement for the retailer.

Retail Essentials - Merchandising

In this short module you will learn about the four important aspects of making a successful sale.We will cover your product and emphasising the importance of knowing your product and how to build rapport with your customer and understanding their needs. Additionally, you will learn how to use listening and questioning skills and how selling is recognised as a process including selling yourself as well as your products.

Retail Essentials - Selling Skills

Providing outstanding customer service can increase sales by encouraging customer loyalty and encouraging loyalty and repeat business. Learn how to gain a competitive edge by improving your customers experience and also, properly handling challenging customer service issues and satisfying customer complaints.

Retail Essentials - Customer Service

Stock loss is a major concern for all retailers and what is worrying is that 80% of theft is attributable to customers or staff. In this module we will look at the ways you can protect your business from stock loss.

Retail Essentials - Loss Prevention

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